BU-500 UP Conveter


Ref. Price : US$186

Excellent 13cm UP converter for SSB  CW  FM  FM-ATV  DVB

Good for QO-100 , first geostationary satellite with HamRadio transponder 

Product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddjgcbQkTGc 

Technical info: https://oe7dbh.blogspot.com/2023/12/2400-mhz-upconverter-bu500.html 

BU500 specification:

RF-in : 100~1300Mhz

Local Oscillator: Default:1968MHz for 70cm IF signal

1050MHz to 2700MHz

(configurable by customer in 1Khz step)

Local Oscillator TK stability 2.5ppm( -30°…+75°C)

     (for even more stability: external 10MHz input is available )

RF-output: 2365~2500MHz

Conversion Gain > 34dB

Output power: 1700mW (SSB CW FM ATV FMATV)

                                200mW (DVB-T DVB-S)

DC power adaptor: 12V 1A  (9V……13.8V)

For the Rx <--->Tx switch, please use IF signal !!!

-15dBm and +20dBm IF version (please check your version before using it)


Version 1 for multi-mode SSB CW FM ATV D-ATV      .....with input around -15dBm 

Version 2 for SSB CW FM ...with input around + 20dBm   ( attenuator on PCB included ) 


Please note the version you would like to buy.