Jun 12th, 2017

Dear all,

We will join HAM RADIO 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Date: Jul. 14th (Fri) - Jul. 16th (Sun), 2017
Location: Booth # C017, Hall A3

Hours: 9:00 am~18:00 pm, Jul 14-15 (Fri-Sat); 9:00 am~15:00 pm, Jul 16 (Sun)

Welcome to visit us!


Hides Support Team


Dec 19th, 2016

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

Our Holiday Sale is now on! Please go to"HiDes eBay store" and you can get special discount from this link.

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2017!


Sincerely yours,

Hides Support Team


Dec 15th, 2016

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

It is another amazing year and we would like to thank you for your support during 2016.
For the coming 2017, we will keep our best support and continuous improvement for standard products as well as the OEM/ODM service. Your satisfaction matters to us!

We hope you enjoy your holiday season and all the best.

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2017!


Sincerely yours,

Hides Support Team


May 19th, 2016

Dear customers,

It's been our 3'rd consecutive year to join HAM Radio fair in Friedrichshafen.

We will have the following products in the exhibition;

1. USB adapter: UT-100B, UT-100C, UT-160 for 1Mhz Rx.

2. Standalone Tx: HV-310E, HV-320E.

3. Standalone Rx: HV-110, HV-120A.

4. Standalone 1.2/2.4G down-converter: BD-300.

5. Standalone camera Tx: DC-105.

The exhibition information as follows;
Date: Jun. 24th (Fri) - Jun. 26th (Sun), 2016
Location: Booth # C028-C029, Hall A3

Hours: 9:00 am~18:00 pm, Jun 24-25 (Fri-Sat); 9:00 am~15:00 pm, Jun 26 (Sun)

Welcome to visit us for the show!


Hides Support Team


Dec 23rd, 2015

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

We would like to thank you for your support, and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2016!!

If you need product information, please go to http://www.hides.com.tw/product_eng.html. Your satisfaction matters to us! For the coming 2016, we will keep developing quality and cost-effective products for your needs, also provide timely and best support as always.

May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings!

Sincerely yours,

Hides Support Team


May 28th, 2015

Dear customers,

We are so happy to annouce that we will join HAM Radio 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The exhibition includes the following;

1. USB adapter: UT-100 series, UT-210 4-band Tx, UT-130 4-band Rx.

2. Standalone Tx: HV-310E, HV-310EH, HV-100EH

3. Standalone Rx: HV-110

4. Standalone 1.2/2.4G down-converter: BD-300

5. Standalone camera Tx: DC-099

The exhibition information as follows;
Date: Jun. 26th (Fri) - Jun. 28th (Sun), 2015
Location: Booth # C021-C022, Hall A3

Hours: 9:00 am~18:00 pm, May 26-27 (Fri-Sat); 9:00 am~15:00 pm, May 28 (Sun)

Welcome to visit us for the show!


Hides Support Team


Jan 10th, 2015

Dear customers,

We are very pleased to annouce we will join Intersec 2015 with iTE in DWTC, Dubai.

The exhibition includes the application and products for long range Wireless HD transmission.

Please take the first look of our material from Intersec DM.

The exhibition information as follows;
Date: Jan. 18th (Sun) - Jan. 20th (Tue), 2015
Location: Booth # S1-H49, DWTC, Dubai

Hours: 10:00 am~18:00, January 18-20 (Sun-Tue)

Welcome to join us for the show!

Best wishes,

Hides Support Team


Dec 23rd, 2014

Dear Valued customer and partner,

We would like to thank you for your support in the past 2014. It is our great honor to work with you to realize the HD video/audio transmission by digital TV technology. For the coming New Year 2015, we will keep our promise for the best support to our customer. And we will also keep developing new products not only for widely frequency band, but also for various kind of applications; such as uncompressed high resolution audio, 4K x 2K ultra HD, and digital I/O transmission. We believe the COFDM is excellent technology for HD video/audio transmission and it's been well approved by DVB-T and ISDB-T. Let's keep in touch and see how it changes the world!

Merry Christmas and wish you all the best for the Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

73 and Sincerely yours,

Hides Support Team


Dec 22nd, 2014

Dear customers,
We are pleased to announced the first DVB-T PC USB Receiver Dongle with wide range (100MHz~2.6GHz, 4-band VHF/UHF/1.2G/2.4G) and
versatile bandwidth (2/3/4/5/6/7/8MH BW) support, UT-130.

With UT-130 on a PC/Laptop Windows, users may tune and watch any DVB-T service which is transmitted in any frequency range 100MHz~2.6GHz or any bandwidth (2~8MHz BW) without any down converter required.

Besides, a new down converter product BD-300, using the same technology as UT-130, is announced as well.
The new digital block down converter BD-300 supports excellent down conversion performance for both 1.2G and 2.4G band.
The exceptional performance makes it the best solution for any OFDM RF signal down conversion, which might be easily distorted with legacy analog down converters.
BD-300's LO is software configurable, so it's very flexible for many applications in various frequency band.

Please find more details on the web shops, idealEZ and eBay.

UT-130 USB DVB-T 4-band (100~2500MHz, 2~8MHz BW) Receiver

BD-300 Dual-Band (1.2G/2.4G) Programmable LO Down Converter


Best Wishes
Hides Technical Support Team


Nov 10th, 2014

Dear customers,

We are very pleased to annouce we will join Inter-BEE 2014 with iTE in Makuhari Messe, Japan.

The exhibition includes:

  • CVL-HD: HD video delivery.
  • CVL-HRA: high-resolution audio delivery.
  • Available CVL end products from HiDes.

The exhibition information as follows;
Date: Nov. 19th (Wed) - Nov. 21st (Fri), 2014
Location: Booth #2612, Hall 2, Makuhari Messe, Japan.

Hours: 10:00~17:30, Nov. 19-20 (Wed-Thu); 10:00~17:00, Nov. 21 (Fri).

Welcome to join us for the show!

Best wishes,

Hides Support Team


Nov 5, 2014

Dear customers,

We have updated HV-110/HV-310, UT-100/UT-200 SW on dropbox.
Refer to the release notes in each release package for update details.

Specifically, there is a major change about "PID(PAT/PMT) Mismatch" handling.
It may impact a lot on how HAM's use Hides Tx and HV-110.

The new HV-110 firmware detects only "PAT version code" change for channel mismatch handling.

It means if you want to trig hv-110 channel rescan process (when PAT mismatch handling), you should change the transmitter's PAT version code.

Latest HV-310/HV-100/HV-102/HV-200/HV-202 firmware config tool can support PAT version code input.

Latest PC2TV and TSPlayer for UT-100/UT-200/UT-210 also support PAT version code configuration.

Download latest SW/FW packages from the corresponding links below.

HV-110 HD Rx Box

HV-310 HD Tx Box

UT-100 PC USB Dongle
UT-200/UT-210 PC USB Dongle

HV-100/HV-200 (CVBS/HDMI) HD Tx Box
HV-102/HV-202 (SDI/HDMI) HD Tx Box

Best wishes,

Hides Support Team


Oct 31, 2014

Dear customers,

We are pleased to announce HV-100/HV-102/HV-200/HV-202 v4.11 firmware is ready for download. The new firmware supports the following major new features,
1. Android tool for system configuration, so users may config HV-10x/HV-20x with Android tablet or smartphone
2. Configurable channel list. User can define his own channel frequency/bandwidth mapping table for the ch# shown on front panel.
3. Fix CVBS switch failure found in HAM repeater stations.
4. Embedded audio support for SDI input
5. Network features (beta release)
  a. RTSP video streaming output, both unicast and multicast are supported
  b. Web server for remote configuration. Users may config HV-10x/HV-20x  thru web interface remotely.
  c. NTP support (Network time protocol)

Refer to release note for more details.
Please download v4.11 package from,
HV-100/HV-200 (CVBS/HDMI)

HV-102/HV-202 (SDI/HDMI)

Hides Support Team


Oct 14, 2014

Dear customers,

Hides has released all new full HD DVB-T transmitter HV-310E, which supports HDMI/CVBS input.
The tiny and compact design is excellent for FPV application specifically.
The barebone PCBA weighs only 55g, and the board dimension is 100mmX70mm
HV-310 supports the frequency range 170MHz~1350MHz and bandwidth 1~8MHz, which are configured easily with a GUI tool.

Built-in 170~950MHz PA design supports up to +15dBm output without any external PA needed.

HV-310 is available on EBay and idealEZ online shop,



You can also check it on the HV-310 product page;


Hides Support Team


Sep 25, 2014

HV-110 f/w update;

Please download latest f/w from following link V0.
You can refer to the Quick Installation Guide for how to use HV-110, and check Release Note for the revision history.


Jul 4, 2014

Importand notice for UT-100 users !!!
We have new release for UT-100 S/W, including the 1MHz bandwidth support. If you are interested, please contact with Calvin@hides.com.tw


Jun 20, 2014

Ready for Friedrichshafen
The first look of the first HAM fair brochure from HiDes. Let's meet up there!


Jun13, 2014

HV-110 f/w update;
1.Manual scan 6-8MHz, press OK, fail to start scan
2.Manual scan frequency not show correctly

Please download latest f/w from following link V0.
You can refer to the Quick Installation Guide for how to use HV-110, and check Release Note for the revision history.


Jun 10, 2014

UT-100C Opencaster special edition, turning your Raspberry Pi into a live HDTV transmitter

Please refer to following link for more details;


Jun 9, 2014

We have some bug fix for HV-110 as following;
1. If channel is lock but fail to play because (PMT changed), prompt and switch to manual channel scan.
2. Added Edit Frequency icon in Manual Scan window.
3. RC-typeB power button for 576i mode display.
4. Fix PAL/NTSC mode switch fails when HDMI not attached or not support.

You can refer to the Release Note for more details.


Jun 5, 2014

HV-110 Full HD Digital HAM TV Receiver is ready for sale and available in our online store now! We are ready to ship your orders.
You can refer to the Release Note for more details.


May 18, 2014

HiDes is going to join the upcoming event for HAM TV on Jun 27~29. We will be there in hall A3 or A4.


April 25, 2014

UT-210 and HV-200/202 series, the professional 4-band (100MHz~2500MHz) modulator for DVB-T, ISDB-T/-Tb

If you are looking for the digital TV modulaotr with professional grade MER or more extensive frequency range. UT-210 or HV-200/202 series is the best choice depending on your demand. UT-210 is USB based modulator with support for EN 300 744 DVB-T and ARIB STD-B31 ISDB-T/ABNT NBR 15601 ISDB-Tb transmission. And HV-200/202 is a stand-alone modulator which can support same transmission standards. HV-200 series support either HDMI or Composite with stereo audio input, while HV-202 series can support either HD-SDI or HDMI input. Please visit our product page for more details.


April 12, 2014

HV-110 Full HD Digital HAM TV Receiver has announced

HV-110 is a stand-alone Full HD receiver box. It features the video output of HDMI and Composite (CVBS) for DVB-T. Specifically, besides regular 5/6/7/8 MHz bandwidth of standard DVB-T signal, HV-110 also supports 2/3/4 MHz bandwidth for HAM TV applications.


April 11, 2014

BR-101 series for DVB-T/ISDB-T digital Gap Filler/Repeater has announced

BR-101 Gap Filler is a digital repeater which can work alone to do hardware demodulation/ modulation without MER loss or noise addition. Moreover, the special edition BR-101EH for HAM TV application to support up to 1.2G band with high RF power. Please go to our product page for more details.

UT-200 series for ISDB-T/-Tb standard

In addition to UT-100 series for DVB-T, HiDes has launched UT-200 series for the ISDB-T/-Tb standard. It's the same full h/w modulation/ demodulation as UT-100 series. And we also have the special version UT-200AJH/UT-200CH available for HAM TV application, which can support 1.2GHz (1200…1350MHz) band.


December 7, 2013

HV-100 series for Full HD DVB-T/ISDB-T/ISDB-Tb digital TV modulator has announced

It's our pleasure to announce that Hides has launched HV-100 series, full HD DVB-T/ISDB-T/ISDB-Tb digital TV modulator officially.
With the cutting-edge modulator technology from ITE, HV-100 series provides excellent performance at the least cost for full HD video/audio modulation and distribution.

HV-100 series includes,

HV-100E, HDMI/CVBS- in, DVB-T out
HV-101E, VGA/Component-in, DVB-T out
HV-102E, 3G HD-SDI-in, DVB-T out
Refer to http://www.hides.com.tw/product_cg74468_Expandhv100e_eng.html

HV-101J, VGA/Component-in, ISDB-T/ISDB-Tb out
HV-102J, 3G HD-SDI-in, ISDB-T/ISDB-Tb out
Refer to http://www.hides.com.tw/product_cg74468_Expandhv100j_eng.html

On-line shop is available on,
(The web site is operated by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), an official organization of Taiwan Goverment.)

Premium discount program is also available for local resellers/agents.
Please contact info@hides.com.tw for further information.


September 30, 2013

DC-101 v2 720p HD DTV CAM announced.

DC-101 v2 supports following new features;

1. 1.2GHz band.

2. Rotary switch for channel configuration.

3. Configurable Channel Name.


September 26, 2013

HV-100 DVB-T/ISDB-T Digital TV Modulator announced

We have launched a new product line for most cost-effective solution to distribute HDMI or composite (CVBS) video to unlimited standard TV’s. The HV-100 series for DVB-T/ISDB-T modulation. HV-100 can work with any devices with HDMI/ Composite source in HD quality. And you will never be that easy to configure your sysem, such as Entertainment HD Video Distribution or Digital Signage.


September 9, 2013

OpenCaster Bundle with UT-100C

We are very pleased to announce the co-operation with Avalpa. The OpenCaster bundle for interactive digital TV. Please check it out on the Product page or you can get further details on http://www.avalpa.com/the-key-values-product/9-avalpa-answers/79-opencaster-bundle-with-usb-modulator-card.

UT-100 S/W v2.2 release

You can download latest driver/ SDK/ S/W at UT-100 S/W V2.2 Release. Please refer to "UT-100 CD v2.2 UpdateNotes.txt" first before your update.

DC-100 DTV CAM series cost down

The DC-100 DTV CAM series are more cost effective now, cost down ~40% for each model. Please go to the Products page or Online Shop for more details.


August 15, 2013

DC-101 720p HD DTV CAM announced.

The slim size DC-101 just announced. It's more cost-effective for those who want to experience the HD quality and hassle-free setup process. You can watch it on any DVB-T receiver, including your digital TV.

UT-100A/ UT-100B/ UT-100C transmitter can support 1200~1350 MHz

In addition to 50~950MHz, UT-100 transmitter can support 1200~1350MHz for more frequency range. Besides, it adds FFT 4K support for more choices and flexibility when setting transmitting parameter to comply with your media source.


May 1, 2013

UT-100C/ UT-100D release

UT-100C is a special customized version for modulator only. And UT-100D supports only 2/3/4MHz bandwidth receiver for digital Amateur HAM TV. It is more flexible for users who only needs cost effective one-way solution.


April 2, 2013

UT-100B release

UT-100B is a special customized version for digital Amateur HAM TV. It supports 2/3/4MHz bandwidth receiver and 2~8MHz bandwidth transmitter in DVB-T. This solution is designed with a leading-edge, low power, and compact ASIC chip. It's an excellent product for upgrading ATV to digital HD broadcasting.

UT-100 Softwre v2.0 release

In addition to the version update for original S/W, we have added some new applications and 188-byte sample transport stream files for better support.

- digitalTV: A professional DTV viewer application.

- Media2TS: A trans-coding utility to convert general media files into 188-byte transport stream (TS) format.

- PC2TV: Broadcast the video/audio source from PC or notebook.

- TSCapture: Utility to capture transport streams (TS) from live DTV broadcast with the receiver.